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Hello and welcome to the Country Statsistics Wikia! This is a wiki dedicated to statistics about countries. Almost any statistics fits in this encyclopedia: from raw materials to criminality statistics.

The bulk of this wiki should contain tables. But short/long encyclopedic introductions to each article are more than welcomed.

Let's imagine an example: Germany, 2000, copper: this row should contain as many relevant data about copper in Germany in year 2000: total consumption of copper, total exports, total imports, total copper mining, average price at export, average price at import, and also, for exports and imports, it should contain a list with the first five exporters and importers of copper to and from Germany.

And then, with a row for each year, it will result in a table that should be presented in the article Copper in Germany. But also having a narrative introduction to that table is a very useful thing.

Such data is important for understanding the economy of a country and also for understanding the possible economic strategies of the country that the decision makers should adopt.

The wiki should contain tables with all kind of numbers, per year: raw materials use, energy consumption, prison population, number of car accidents, number of crimes, public debt, number of households, and any other relevant numbers.

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